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Have you ever been to a restaurant and the person in front of you can’t make up his/her mind? It probably works your nerves. Well here some tips you can use whenever you go to a restaurant:
1.Get to the restaurant early before anyone else(Like a Black Friday sale).
2.Ask your family first what they want so you won’t forget in the ordering line.
3.Ask the manager or owner of the store whats in the food(Pork, Fish, Beef, etc.)
4.Look at the health inspection grade to see if the restaurant has quality food( 100-A, 80-85 B, 75 – C, 70- Below D).
5.Go to popular restaurants( Chick-Fil-A, Steak n Shake, KFC, Wendy’s,and McDonald’s)
Happy Eating


Hello, Did everyone have a very merry Christmas? I know i did.  I had a very big breakfast, then I played with my four month old niece , Sydney, and then we opened our gifts. I got a digital camera that you can send pictures on the internet including YouTube , Facebook, and Twitter. My niece , Sydney got a lot  of clothes from my mom’s friends at church. She got a bib that said ” My Very  First Christmas”. she got  some dresses including this one that has  pink butterflies all  over it. Then a few hours after that I went  to my Aunt’s house for a Christmas Dinner, there was a lot of good food there, like mashed  potatoes and steak. Well, This ends my story have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.   P.S Please comment below on what you think

On Saturday, I went to a comfortable log cabin around Duluth with my friends. I had a really good time in the log cabin, and to make it even better i got to stay until sunday. My friends and I had a good breakfast- cereal, hot coco, and doughnuts

I went to Jamaica this summer to see my relatives there.I also went there just to relax at the fanciest hotel there: The Ritz Carlton.I visited my aunt, cousins, grandma,grandpa.I had a really good time there.

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